Skillfully and thoughtfully developed over 30 years, and constantly updated to meet the changing educational needs of children, our curriculum is focused on 5 key areas of early childhood education:

Learning Through Arts

A wealth of resources is available through art for maximizing the benefits to children in terms of learning motivation, self-esteem and cognitive growth. At Russian Hill School, the art “process” is individualized for just-beginning skills.  The art experience is presented with the intention to motivate children through self-mastery of tools and materials, according to their developmental readiness to learn. Russian Hill School is dedicated to the belief that creativity is nourished through the sense of personal achievement. Satisfying individual experiences are the result.

Socialization Skills

Children learn to share and cooperate within a group situation through language-based techniques that encourage altruistic solutions to social difficulties. Helping children to “use words” instead of action and follow “talk-it-out” directives when dispute situations arise are specific objectives for this program. Teaching methods and activities are designed to promote group interaction, allowing children continual practice toward social development.

Academic Readiness

The mixed-age open classroom setting provides a highly effective atmosphere for education through child-directed activities. Learning from one another in a program that is planned to facilitate multi-skill developmental needs, children at Russian Hill School form strong cognitive and social skills in preparation for Elementary School. Reading and math readiness is achieved, primarily through play opportunities. Dramatic play programs, activities and unit study approaches incorporate activities suitable to encourage development of individual skills.

Self-Help Skills

Independence is fostered in children through exposure to continual situations that promote this response. Our Open Classroom format is designed to teach self-reliance by offering consistent practice with decision-making opportunities regarding the child activity and peer involvement choices. “Learning by doing” with age-similar companions and adult guidance, is the educational approach at Russian Hill School.

Learning Emphasis

The educational format at Russian Hill School is designed for “child-directed learning”, whereby children are allowed to choose and/or create their own activities throughout the greater portion of their school day. In such an environment, children come to accept creative independence while learning in a highly social atmosphere.

“RHS has been a perfect fit for us.  Our kids love school while learning core behavioral and academic skills, and we have made lasting friendships in the community, both with other parents and the teachers.”

– Chris, Dad of Nicolas and Anna