Our Process

The RHS admissions process strives to provide prospective families with a thorough review of the RHS curriculum, philosophy, and community. As well, it provides us with important information to help assess if we are likely to have an appropriate placement for your child.

The Russian Hill School is a year-round program (September - August). Our enrollment process is designed so that the bulk of new students enter in the summer and fall each year. Children may be enrolled once they turn 3.0 years old or are considered age ready for school. Typically, admissions decisions are made in early March. We are happy to accept children into the program from our wait pool if spaces become available at other times of the year.  

Families interested in applying to the Russian Hill School need to take the following steps in order to be considered:

Step 1:  Application Form

Please note: Late applications for the 2019-20 school year are being accepted for limited spots. Please email broemer@russianhillschool.org if you are interested in submitting an application.

Please fill out an application form online at:   http://www.russianhillschool.org/application/.   Submission of the completed forms, with a non-refundable $100 fee, places your child in our admissions process. This fee covers an evening curriculum presentation, a family tour/play date for both you and your child, and guarantees you a space in our wait pool until your child is kindergarten age. Families with twins only need to make one payment of $150. While we encourage families to apply early in order to enter into the Russian Hill School’s wait pool, date of application is just one factor in the school’s admissions decision.

To obtain additional information or for questions, please contact our Admissions Director, Beth Roemer at (415) 202-0525 or  info@russianhillschool.org.

Step 2:  Evening Presentation

We invite all applicants to attend a parents-only evening presentation of the school. This is an opportunity to tour the Russian Hill School classrooms and to hear a comprehensive overview of the program. This tour is led by our school founder and director, Bonnie McFadden, and accompanied by current parents in our RHS community who can answer questions and offer information that you may have about their RHS experience. We hold evening presentations once a month in October, November, January and February from 7- 8:30pm.  We will confirm your tour date after receiving your application.

Step 3:  Family Tour and Play-date

Once you have attended an evening presentation we invite each candidate to a family tour and play-date, to take place when your child is two and a half years old. These tours are held on Saturday mornings (11:00 am - 12:30 pm).  They are to be attended by the parent(s) or guardian(s) and the children of 10 applicant families. This morning provides us with an opportunity to meet your child when they are close to school age, for you to tour the school and view the program more extensively, and for parent(s)/guardian(s) to discuss any further questions they may have about the school and enrollment.  They are conducted by our director and the admissions team, and include an opportunity for children to engage in the Russian Hill School open classroom setting with two of our teachers.  While we present a video clip to the parents depicting a typical day at Russian Hill School, highlighting the daily schedule and routines, the children engage in a “play date” with RHS teachers in our classroom. This process affords each child the chance to “experience” the RHS classroom in a fun, informal way. Representatives of the Russian Hill School parent community are present and also available for a question and answer session. After the family tour we encourage you to call or write with any information you feel it is important for the admissions team to know including the your family’s level of interest in the school.  Letters of recommendation are neither expected nor required.

Please schedule this tour with our Admissions Director: Beth Roemer info@russianhillschool.org or (415) 202-0525.  Family tours/playdate  will be announced in the Fall.

Step 4:  The Admissions Decision

Applicants are carefully reviewed. We consider a host of variables including age and development, entrance date into our wait pool, learning style, social skills and a concern for gender balance and student diversity. We also consider the match between prospective families and the Russian Hill School in the areas of our mission and philosophy. Enrollment is guaranteed when the signed contract and earnest fee have been received.