RHS at a Glance



Founded by Bonnie McFadden in 1981.
Was established as a non-profit in 2001.
Moved into current Pacific Heights
location in 2003. 



Teaching team's cumulative years of early childhood teaching experience: 120+
Average years of college education
per teacher: 5 +
Average number of years at RHS:  12



Total enrollment:  38 children
(22 in AM program, and 22 in PM program)
Student to teacher ration: 4 : 1
Mixed-age range: 3-6 years old

2016 Elementary School Placement Report:
14 Graduates, 26 Acceptances, 14 Placements

Alta Vista (1A- 1P)

Cathedral School for Boys (2A-1P)
Children’s Day School (1A)
Chinese American International (1A)
French American International (1A- 1P)


Hamlin School (3A- 2P)
Katharine Delmar Burke School (5A- 2P)
Live Oak School (3A- 1P)

Marin Country Day School (2A- 1P)
New Traditions Creative Arts (1P)



Nueva School (1A- 1P)
Presidio Hill School (1A- 1P)

Stuart Hall for Boys (2A – 1P)
Town School for Boys (1A – 1P)
Yick Wo Elementary (1P)

A = Acceptance     P = Placement