Our Traditions

One of the many things that make Russian Hill special, is its many traditions.  The children look forward to our traditions from year to year and cherish their memories for years to come.  Leprechaun charms have been known to hang as prizes for years in childhood bedrooms.  The egg trees are permanent fixtures in many living rooms.  And who ever forgets the thrill of letting a butterfly take flight off the end of your finger...


Egg Trees at RHS

Second Week of April
For the past 30 years we have celebrated the coming of spring with our Egg Tree project.  The ritual begins for each child in their first year at RHS with the hand painted pot and three decorated eggs [using three distinct art processes].   Every year thereafter he/she will make three more eggs to take home to hang on the tree.

Leprechaun Visit

Leprechauns annually visit the RHS classroom on Saint Patrick’s Day, surprising our kiddos with wonderful hand-made “Lucky Charms”. And tricky little fellows they are, to be sure!  They leave no gems for boys and girls who hunt for them; rather, they seek out 'busy' children to reward, so as not to be detected. In all the years they have been coming to us [31 to be exact] we have yet to catch one in the act!!!  No worries though.  We’re true believers, when day is done – for all the magic that has taken place. We see it on each child's face.


Family Day

Instead of Mother's Day and Father's Day we celebrate 'Family Day' at RHS. For this the children create an especially wonderful 'one of a kind' present to wrap and bring home to their loved ones. Always a long-term, multiple-stage creation of which they are very proud, the trick for some children is keeping their surprise a secret in the process!

Promotion Day Picnic is a joyous event with friends and butterflies!

Promotion Day Picnic is a joyous event with friends and butterflies!

Witnessing the Metamorphosis
of Very Hungry Caterpillars

Witnessing the Metamorphosis of Very Hungry Caterpillars is an annual classroom event at RHS every August. By the time September rolls around the children have watched Painted Lady Butterflies emerge from their cocoons just in time to symbolically honor our kindergarten-bound friends who are 'flying off' to various elementary schools. This imagery all comes together for everyone at our annual Promotion Day Picnic... with diplomas and a 'Celebration of Butterflies' release! 

"I first joined the Russian Hill School family back in 1985 when I was enrolled as a student. Little did I know 16 years later that I would return as a teachers aide while attending University of San Francisco. I still keep ties with the program and hope to send my own children there someday."

Kristen, RHS Alum